Here at Friselva, we work to encourage personal and professional growth by promoting a good work environment.

The staff at Friselva is one of the company’s main assets. Over 800 people contribute to the company’s growth and expansion, combining tradition and know-how in every production process and innovation, allowing us to meet the quality demands that make our company stand out. We all believe it is crucial we listen to one another and support continuous improvement.

Board of Directors -


Miquel Ramió Costa
CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Alex Casañ López
GM- General Manager

Miquel Ramió Matas
CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Àngels Serrat Serradó
Corporate Controller

Marc Joaniquet Planella
Chief Financial Officer

Josep Pujol Vancells
Operations Director

Xavier Rúbies Feijóo
R & D Director

Jordi Micaló Masachs
Commercial Director

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