In keeping with one of our values, we strive to ensure excellence in quality and service. For this reason, we’ve expanded our production facilities, increasing our stables, slaughterhouse, cutting plant and refrigerated stores. We always adapt to new technologies to allow for innovative development, an increase in sustainable production that respects the environment, and safeguarding of the tradition taught to us by the Ramió family.

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We’re close to the airport

Ctra. Nacional II, Km 706,5
Riudellots de la Selva, Girona (Spain)

Tel. +34 XXX XXX XXX
Fax. +34 XXX XXX XXX

1. RECEPTION: 41º 54′ 05.7” N 2º 47′ 15.5” E
2. ZONA DE CARGA: 41º 54′ 07.2” N 2º 47′ 20.2” E

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