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We support our clients
with high-quality solutions
and pork products.

We are a slaughterhouse and cutting plant that believes in ensuring traceability while respecting the environment and our social setting.

Our company certify our processes at their various stages and boast modern, state-of-the-art facilities.

wholesale pork meat

We have more than 70 years of experience in the pig industry, upholding family tradition and opting for quality.

Our aim is to meet our clients’ expectations.


Promoting the circular economy and our surrounding area’s social development.

Healthy diet

wholesale pork

Here at FRISELVA, we aim
to keep our clients happy by guaranteeing
the quality and traceability of
our products and services

We provide a response to the specific needs of each client by adapting every stage of the process and our packaging to offer a solution that provides added value.

wholesale pork suppliers

Friselva – Sustainably produced wholesale pork meat

From steaks to ham, pork takes center stage in many cuisines worldwide, with Spain being no exception. Friselva was founded to disrupt the local pig farming and production culture to drive change for well-being and sustainability. Originating from Spain, we are a pork meat supplier with 70 years of experience producing Grade-A, health-certified pig’s meat.

Friselva is synonymous with the consumer’s favorite fresh and frozen meat and a responsible attitude to every stage of raising, caring for and slaughtering pigs. We are devoted to animal welfare and food safety regulations and take great pains to adopt the latest sustainable production initiatives.

Buy pork in bulk to create culinary masterpieces

Are you a restaurant owner or a local butcher shop? Whatever your specialization, using meat you can vouch for is a priority for a reputable business. The good news is that Friselva can satisfy your demands for quality pork cuts in any amount – all made according to 70-year-backed Spanish pork production traditions.

Our facilities are certified and equipped to raise and slaughter pigs in their prime. Whether you produce traditional aged lacón or sell hot dog sausages, we can supply:

  • Head
  • Ham
  • Loin
  • Belly
  • Neck and shoulder parts

Additionally, we can deliver tails, skin and fat from any pig’s part. Only fresh, GMO-free products reach your premises for further processing or sale.

Our products are supplied for the consumer’s well-being, as opposed to merely fulfilling food preferences. Be sure to adopt healthy cooking and nutrition changes with our meat.

Who do we serve?

Whether you are cooking or distributing meat, our wholesale pork cuts are for you. Friselva’s philosophy is based on freshness, customer-oriented service and environmental awareness. Complying with these principles lets us successfully deliver the best pork for:

  • Retail pork suppliers and distributors
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Local and international producers

Our production is in high demand among professionals in the retail and hospitality industries. Besides Spain, leading retailers and restaurant owners from 52 countries rely on Friselva for the timely delivery of premium pork.

More than wholesale pork near you

The quality of our production is maintained at the highest level during all pig farming processes. This involves massive investments in setting up facilities for raising pigs, detailed inspections of pork cuts, temperature-regulated storage systems and packaging that safeguards the freshness of our products en route.

As an internationally licensed wholesale pork supplier, we ensure every knuckle and riblet that arrives at your warehouse is fresh and free from additives. What’s more, we treat animals with responsibility and humility. By tracking pigs’ life cycles on our farms, we are committed to protecting healthy growth conditions and giving natural feed approved by the regulatory board so that only 100% organic meat reaches your shelves or dishes.

Delivering bulk pork meat goes hand in hand with Friselva’s eco-friendly approach to pig slaughtering and further usage. We fully comply with Spain’s national animal welfare laws and are known as the country’s first ISO 14001-certified slaughterhouse.

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